Automatic High Speed Boom Barrier Gate for Highway Toll Parking System

Automatic High Speed Boom Barrier Gate for Highway Toll Parking System
Product Details

Automatic high speed boom barrier gate for highway toll parking system

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Product Description
The high speed boom barrier gate, with its fast speed of open and close,can greatly improve the vehicle passing speed and alleviate the road congestion. It is widely used in highway toll station or other places requiring high speed access.

The operating speed can reach 1 Second and 1.5 Second.

The max. length of boom for 1 Second is 3 meters , and the max.length of boom for 1.5 Second is 3.5 meters.

• Manual release device to operate the boom barrier when power off.
• Machine core with compression spring, effectively avoids accidents caused by broken spring. 
• aluminum alloy casting, water proof
• Excellent performance. It has long service life,More than 3,000,000 running times.
• Easy to integrate with other systems



Color option


Operation speed

1S for 3m, 1.5S for 3.5m

Spring And Bearing

Heat Treatment: more durable, more than 3,000,000 times through operation testing

Remote Control Distance


Working temperature

-35°C  to +95°C



Power supply(Volatage)

AC 100-240V 50-60HZ

Motor power



Accessories Lists:
1.Wireless remote controller
2.The key of the cabinet door
3.Bracket supporting long boom
4.Fixing screws

Anti collision
When hit by fast driving vehicle, the boom goes out of the holder which protects the boom 

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Installed with anti-hit pressure detector and rubber, when barrier is falling down and meets obstruction, it would automatically rise up, and the vehicle and pedestrian would not be hit.

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High speed 1 Second

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Easy to installation



Q: Why does the boom barrier open automatically sometimes?
A: Please check if the limit switch is on the right position or not. if not, please adjust the Limit Switch. Or you can adjust the adjusting screw. And the last step is to check the intensity of the spring.

Q: As for the over-heating problem of boom barrier gate
A: There is motor cooling inside the cabinet and solve the overheat problem .

Q: What's the remote control distance?
A: About 30 meters remote control distance.


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