Remote Control Car Access Parking Advertising Boom Barrier Gate

Remote Control Car Access Parking Advertising Boom Barrier Gate
Product Details

Remote control car access parking advertising boom barrier gate 


Product Description
Advertising barrier gate has combination of practical function and commercial use.
Widely used in high-class residential, office buildings, hotel, shopping mall and so on.Advertising board turning while rising , show the power of technology, and present nice advertisement. Parking advertising barrier is new fashion media which can provides higher profits for you. 

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• lMachine core with compression spring, effectively avoids the accidents caused by spring breaking.
• Advertising board is independent motor and control system, When encountered strong winds, the remote control can open the Advertising board to avoid damage. 
• The multiple protection measures (wind protection, motor thermal protection, anti-surge protection, anti-lightning protection, etc.), so that the operation of the barrier safety and reliability has been greatly improved.
• Customize boom lengths 
• Easy to integrate with other systems


Intelligence parking Barrier gate with special motor main controller with multiple running mode optional.
Use of advanced anti-aging waterproof ,durable ,do not fade. yellow ,red ,gray can be optional. reasonable structure design ,
used for management lane, divide into straight pole , fold pole,two fence, three fence.



Remote control advertising barrier gate


AC 220V/110V±10%, 50/60HZ

Rated Power


Barrier arm

1 ~ 6M

The number of advertising board

according to the length of barrier arm

Operation time

3s,6s. Customized

Working Temperature

-30℃ ~80℃

Remote Control Distance

Usually more than 30 meters, if there is less obstacles, even 50 meters or more

Housing Size

450mm X 360mm X 1180mm

500mm X 331 X 1200mm


Quality control
1.Rubber is installed in arm bottom. Can decrease damage if any accident happens.Auto open function (pressure sensor) : The arm will be lifted if the arm meets any obstacles during closing barrier;
2.Use Imports of components, With temperature control function. The temperature reaches 0 ℃, every minute of the time to reverse the leaves to prevent freezing; the temperature reaches 50 degrees to open the cooling fan.
3.In most of the domestic manufacturers to use assembly parts. We use 200W of one-piece motor. The coil of motor as pure copper, increase the four springs with click operation, stability and strong.
4.Because the barrier arm is heavy, Therefore, we reinforced on the pole 1.5M long iron plate, double support + suction cup design. To ensure that in the windy weather, The arm drop is more stable.
5.Advertising light box and barrier boom with LED lights, increase the safety and beauty of driving at night. And can set the timing control lighting time for energy saving.
6.Wind resistance design
Advertising Barrier added a special wind sensor, in the windy weather, the leaves of board will open automatically , in order to avoid damage the barrier. wind-force less than 8 level , The Ad board will not flip ; When the wind-force reached 8 level , The parts of machine will come into being three degree gap by wind , There will be no damage to the equipment

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