COMA-Straight Arm Barrier Gate

COMA-Straight Arm Barrier Gate
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COMA-Straight arm barrier gate



Intelligent straight traffic barrier gate fuction characteristic

  1. Generous,calm and steady,fast,low noise,fast heat

  2. The intelligent straight reaffice barrier gate is made of thicken steel plate.The surface is dealt with through 13 technological process.Do not decolorize,not infiltrate,not get rusty.Is able to bear enduringly newly,durable.

  3. The mainframe adopts,the sensitvity limit switches to control the pole up and down.It is to put in place.

  4. Control system adopts the digital chip technology is specialized the function of antipound,ground sense and ic interface.Is steady and convenint.

  5. The Movement adopts,the most steady non-uniform opeation mode means transmission type rises and falls,slow start,fast midsection and slow end operate stadily,improve the accuracy of the product and increase of servise life.

  6. The process of rising and falling can rapidly respond signal of starting,stopping and ground sense.The straight boom parking barrier gate have the function of ohight security,zeroj error,especially .The delayed protect and double control.

  7. The driveway controlled access traffic barrier gate installs the firm mechanical underframe.

  8. Essential allocation:Aluminium alloy pole,towing pole fork,automatic controller,manual button and some other relation fittings.

  9. Infrared emanation anti-collision function(optional)

  10. Support the extrnal and internal vehicle loop detector(optional)

  11. Auto-warming up at zero  degrees celsius,suitable for cold environment.

The way gates installation standard


How to install the sensor coil


The barrier installation fixed direction


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