Electric Telescopic Arm Vehicle Barrier Gate for Parking lot

Electric Telescopic Arm Vehicle Barrier Gate for Parking lot
Product Details

Electric telescopic arm vehicle barrier gate for parking lot


Product Description
Telescopic arm barrier gate easy for air transportation, it suitable for outdoor parking lot. 
Barrier arm can be designed 1 ~ 6M length, user can customize length according to the occasion. 



• Quick movement configurable opening times: 0.8s, 1.5s, 3s, 6s.
• Boom with rubber profiles and light reflector for safety and respectability
• Self-learning function and encoder controlled movement
• Integrated obstacle detection system for extra safety
• Customize boom lengths
• Easy to integrate with other systems



Telescopic arm vehicle barrier gate


220V±10% ~ 110V±10% (50/60Hz)

Power Rating

120 Watt


Yellow/Orange/Grey etc

Remote control distance


Housing Material

Galvanized Plate

Arm Gate Material

Aluminum Alloy

Rail Lifting Time

1.5S(fast) / 6S(ordinary)


≥5,000,000 times

Working Temperature

 -10℃ to 45℃

Net weight



LED/Warning/Traffic light


1.Bidirectional self-locking function.
2.Time protection function.
3."Gate open" command has high priority.
4."Close" command memory function available.
5.Remote control interface, Remote control emitter can be equipped.
6.Three operation modes: Remote control,push button,manually operation.
7.Loop detector can be equipped.
8.Infrared detecting interface, infrared detecting device can be equipped.
9.The arm has bumping bounce back function itself.
10.Illuminated barrier boom is our patented product, with the function of decoration and caution.
11.Simply structure, runs stable and reliable.



Three advantages of Telescopic arm:
1.Convenient delivery, can be shipped by air.
2.All cars can be transported.
3.Material is better, not easy to damage.


Telescopic arm for the pull-type, telescopic rod can shortened to 3 meters.
The pole consists of two ends of the size, each section of the 3M, the longest can be extended 5.3M. 


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