On street solar car parking meter for sale

On street solar car parking meter for sale
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On street solar car parking meter for sale

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Solar car parking meter is a device used to collect money in exchange for the right to park a vehicle in a particular place for a limited amount of time. Solar car parking meters can be used by municipalities as a tool for enforcing their integrated on-street parking policy, usually related to their traffic and mobility management policies, but are also used for revenue.

Solar car parking meter can generate 1)income 2)solve the shortage of urban parking spaces 3)charged parking fees can be used for parking, road reconstruction and other infrastructure investment

Power supply
The car parking meter includes electricity power supply, also the solar power panel and solar storage battery.

The solar power plays a supporting role when electricity power is off.

• Flexible payment methods
• Remote machine diagnostics and programming
• Modular design for easy maintenance
• Alarm signal for unauthorized attempt
• Easy to Integrate with other systems

Technical data




75-80kg, depending on configuration

Mains operation

AC 95-265V

Battery operation


Solar operation


Operating temperature

-40℃- +75℃

Relative humidity

Up to 97%


Single, 4Ohm, 15W


7"(1024*768 pixels)graphical,LCD display screen

Alphanumerical keypad



4 buttons(← → √ X)/customizable



Card reader

Chip or magnetic card reader

Card reader/PIN pad

EMV-certified, PCI-compliant

Bill acceptance

Ability to accept several types of bills.Bill cannister available in different capacities

Coin validator

Programmable coin types


Thermal printer,issuing up to 1000 tickets per refill

IP class



Product detail


Operation Process

1.Use the keys "+" and "-" to choose the hours you want to park,then press "√" to confirm
2.The 7.0" LCD display screen will show how much you need to pay
3.Pay as the machine 's payment methods. You can combine several payment methods to pay parking fee.
4.After payment, the machine will print a receipt .The receipt will clearly show the entry time and expiry time for parking..
5.Place the receipt face up on the dashboard of your car for patrol.


Distance Control by Internet
The parking meter is connected with Internet. The administrator can control the machine in his office. He can set or change all the parameters of the machine in his computer, and get all the statistical data of the machine and all kinds of reports.

Each module is independent, if one module cannot work , it will not affect other modules' working. Just replace it with a new one, and the replacement is easy.

Damage Alarm
The machine has infrared sensor. When someone breaks it, it will immediately alarm loudly, and give an alarm signal to management center.

Malfunction Alarm

The machine can do self-test / self-checking. When one module cannot work, it will send malfunction alarm to administration center,and the administrator can know which module cannot work.


Optional On street solar car parking meter


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