Bluetooth Gateway Control Long Range Car Parking System

Bluetooth Gateway Control Long Range Car Parking System
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Bluetooth gateway control long range car parking system


Guangzhou Coma Ltd.offers a reliable range of automated access control systems tailored to car park application. The integrated solutions include ticket systems,swipe cards,Automatic Number Plate Recognition(ANPR) or blue tooth card parking system. A well designed car parking system can be a successful revenue generator.

Blue tooth card parking system allows a non-stop,hands free vehicle access. The system adopts 2.4G blue tooth directional card reading technology with more than 10m reading distance. The parkers do not need to roll down the window or get off to get a card, then there will be no stop at the entrance which can avoid the trouble of entrance peaks and bad weather. The card is 2.4G active card, which will not be affected by anti-explosion film.


Reading distance

3-30m(adjustable),60degree directional reading

Working module

Optical excitation positioning, CDMA blue tooth communication, sleep wake-up

Working power


4A adapter

AC110-220V/DC +12V

Blue tooth power


Working frequency


Infrared frequency


Reading angle

60 degree

Reading card max.distance


Tag agreement


Interface type

Weigand 26/34 RS232/485

Storage temperature

-45℃ - +95℃

Working temperature

-30℃ - +75℃

Relative humidity



Long range bluetooth card reader advantages

1. Optical excitation, CDMA, Sleep wake-up, Bluetooth communication, CPU automatic identification with high-tech advanced technology.

2. Fast speed and long distance reading, good directivity. Reading distance can be controlled(1-5M,5-10M,10-20M for option), not stop reading for driving speed at 10-40km/h

3. Thorough the car protective(as explosion-proof film), applicable to all cars

4. No need to stop the car and open the window, can be used in bad weather

5. Non stop card reading can be improve traffic flow, reduce traffic jams and save fuel cost

6. Without interference between the reader(advanced Bluetooth communication and CDMA technology, CPU automatic identification),good directivity, effective solve the interference between car to car



Advantages of Bluetooth RFID card

1. Anti-interference CPU RFID, automatic identification of multi-lane function(Originated in China and advantage technology )

2. Advanced sleep wake-up, low power mode, guaranteed battery have more than 3 years service life

3. CDMA technology for RFID card without interference

4. Matured IC card(ISO1433A) long range card reader manufacturer, long range all-purpose card identification manufacturer

5. Matured long range ID thin card, EM thick card reader manufacturer, long range all-purpose card identification manufacturer

6. Advanced Bluetooth RFID encryption technology, can provide customers with encryption services to protect the customers interests, improve car management

Two types of blue tooth card holder


Strong penetration

It can penetrate all the anti-explosive film in the windshield, suitable for all vehicles.


Long reading distance and fast speed reading

Reading distance can be controlled(1-5M,5-10M,10-20M for option), non stop reading for driving speed at 10-40km/h.



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